Don’t forget the human essence

Don’t forget the human essence.

In the boundaries of mankind

amidst the courtyard of colours,

don’t forget the human essence,

give due respect to everyone.

Angelica Hopes

an excerpt from the book, Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul

© 2014 Angelica Hopes

Since we were small, we were taught to respect everyone, especially the elderly. It is because they have gained knowledge, wisdom and insights from their discipline  & values in life and learning them through their lifetime.

There are also times from various experiences of our growing up we realized that there are some older people who didn’t know how to respect the younger ones yet bear in mind there must be heavy situations that led them to some forms of disrespect either deliberately or unconsciously. There is also a big difference between successive recurring disrespect leading to abusive attitudes with the power to reign holding the younger ones on defenseless obedience or diffident silence, in this situation the basic human rights and well being needs to be considered and the ability to understand between what is good or bad and what is the best welfare for everyone.

Giving and receiving due respect is for all ages.

When we give respect, we take other people’s ideas and choices sincerely, considering thoughtfully our own experiences, perceptions and insights against or with theirs.  Giving respect is honoring the dignity of the person. When we nurture respect it does not mean being insistent that all beliefs, ideas, insights and actions are worth the respect from our side but it means that we accept that the essential human dignity of people even when their values, religion or ideas are different than ours.

A very good and wise attitude of respecting each other has always something to learn and teach others too when we are open for learning.

Always remember the three R’s of life:
1. Respect for self
2. Respect for others
3. Responsibility for all your actions

Angelica Hopes

Author of the books:

© 2011 Camiel van Doorn Photography, Dinan, FR  All Rights Reserved.

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