i Inspire…


Dear Friends and Readers,

iLive to inspire people of all walks of life!

My family back in the Pearl of the Orient Seas calls me “Nene”

My elementary, high school, college batch  mates and  friends call me “Anapet”

Colleagues at work, friends in Switzerland, doctor and dentist call me “Ana”

Some friends call me “Angel”

For my closest family ties: husband and kids I’m “honey and mommy”

For those who are not lazy to call me in my real name: they call me,  “Angelica” 


HOPE + S = HOPES is the one I wish to give in my writing, 

hopes that would flow in poetry,

hopes that would grow in my novels,

and hopes to inspire many people out there.

I’m Angelica Hopes an author, poetess and novelist reaching out for any people of all walks of life.  iLive to inspire!

It was on my most difficult time in life that I thought of HOPES so here I am

Ever since I was a kid, it’s etched in my heart, that no matter what,  there’s always hope.

best regards,

Angelica Hopes

An author, a poetess, a novelist, a mother, a wife, a friend and a giver of inspiration: reaching out to any people of all walks of life.

You can find me at facebook at: Angelica Hopes

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Copyright 2004 – 2012 © Angelica Hopes. All Rights Reserved.  www.angelicahopes.com

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