Be flexible for infinite possibilities shall open up for you!

Be flexible! Infinite doors of possibilities shall open up for you! ~ Angelica Hopes~
  • The bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you refuse to take the turn. ~Anon~
  • Flexibility and adaptability do not happen just by reacting fast to new information. They arise from mental and emotional balance, the lack of attachment to specific outcomes, and putting care for self and others as a prime operating principle. Flexible attitudes build flexible physiology. Flexible physiology means more resilience in times of challenge or strain. Staying open—emotionally—insures internal flexibility. ~Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer~
  • Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it. ~Brian Tracy~
  • Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. ~Tim Robbins~
  • Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out. ~Paul Kagame~

Be flexible and infinite doors of possibilities shall open up for you. Have a nice day!

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