Happy, unique memories linger by, a special place shall capture one’s heart

a video I made at around 6:15 a.m., August, 2006

and this special place carried a veil in my heart, five years ago I, Teresa & Giulia had funny, unforgettable, great memories of this magnificent wonder, Le Mont San Michel, two years later after 2006, my wishes and prayers were answered.

To let those wishes and prayers be answered, I have to do my part: leave the past behind, forgive whatever happened and finally move on with my life. That’s what I did after I finished writing the last details of the ballads of my first book and indeed a couple of years later, combining my undying hope and determination to make my prayers and dream come true… courageously I had opened my heart to much better possibilities, greater happiness, off and on challenges but united with family on facing new responsibilities and commitment in life and the grace of my strong wish and prayer coming true… that one true love of one’s life, home and family.

The coincidence of signs and combination when I was on my coral silk summer dress and scarf, same clothes by coincidence I wore when I met the answer to my wishes and prayers.

Revisiting it this year,  another unique great, hilarious, memorable and reflective moment having seen it again this time with Mama Elisabeth, Elisa and Camiel. Twice I passed at the church, I lighted two candles and smiled as I glanced an exact replica of a candle with St. Michael the Archangel image (a souvenir I had five years ago), I whispered:  “Thank you so much Lord for having answered my prayers and having given me this second chance of happiness in my love life.”

How much more God has given me same name as Michael the Archangel… a protector.

As for my Michael: master solutions of many things, an epitome of patience and understanding and dedication and love truly to last forever and beyond.

I quickly passed to take a video clip of where I, Teresa and Giulia used to eat breakfast and was quite tear-eyed as I thanked the kind manager who let me took a clip despite that La Veille Auberge was closing for the evening.  Those happy, unique memories linger by as still I have to smile silently thinking of the longest travel by  TGV train, Ter Bretagne train and bus which I and my girls took in 2006 in order to reach Mont Saint Michel.

If you’re traveling to France and if you have time, take a trip to the Normandy area and don’t miss to visit this old wonder of the West: Mont Saint Michel.

* * * * *

July 2006, La Veille Auberge, Mont Saint Michel, Normandy FR

I woke up early this morning so I could take pictures of the cobbled narrow alley in Mont Saint Michel still empty of its throng of tourists or pilgrims. As I walked downhill, I only saw four or five people lingering around and there was no one else by the bay. 

By then, I didn’t realize also how dangerous it is to walk by myself, all alone in the bay even if it was on a low tide but it was worth it, half an hour reflecting by the bay, taking this video clip and thinking how I would end my Tale of New Heights ballad which is part of the book Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul.  It’s our third day and it still rained so that means, museum and souvenir shop time again today but that means too more time to write with my heart’s delight.  

Away from pressures and tension from the law firm and grateful to be at peace and embracing new funny adventures which I and my girls shall never forget.

– an excerpt from my diary of July, 2006 at Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France – 


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