Have you ever thought of a universal passport and visa for a better life?

Part of our passport to a better life depends on the good we do for others.

Each good deeds is like a universal visa gaining our entry for a much better world.

That much better world is not measured by places, social status, acquisitions, wealth nor fame

but that inner fulfillment in a heart of a soul

who is cheerfully & courageously open for growth,

positive involvement and caring for humanity.

Let the landscapes of your soul lead you towards your chosen better life.”

~ Angelica Hopes 

Each one of us see and define a “better life” in a unique way. Many mistook and pass wrong judgment on others when the “better life” of others prick their own level of comparison when it comes to life, different level of fulfillment and true happiness.

Why compare or be discontented when you hold a “universal passport and visa” for your chosen kind of “better life?”
May your particularly chosen “better life” shine through a better heart, an understanding mind and a fulfilled soul!

Take care,

Angelica Hopes, an excerpt from my memoir book:

Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul
Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul
© 2014 Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn All Rights Reserved

© 2009 Michael Anna Maria van Doorn Photography Schweizer Pass

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