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the grey

A dramatic, thriller, suspense film based from the short story “Ghost Walker” written by Ian MacKenzie. Screenplay was written by Joe Carnahan and Ian MacKenzie.

The Grey Review

Hope. Courage. Strength. Determination. Unity. Faith. These are the very important values that will awaken you when you watch this suspense, survival film.

Fear. Desperation. Anxiety. Weakness. Failure. Grief. Loss. These are the domino of emotions that you will constantly feel as the movie unfolds. A group of Alaskan oil workers were in their flight home. Their real journey in life started when the air craft crashed in the harsh, winter, Alaskan wilderness. When it comes to possible events and concept, this is an emotional, realistic one as the struggle between men and nature, men and fierce wolves can really be raw and gory.

wolf blood bath

If you have a faint heart, you can always close your eyes on the bloody scenes, but it’s not just the…

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