The Secret Sister

My reflections after reading Elizabeth Lowell’s The Secret Sister: “When it comes to safety, mutual love and deep respect, rule to protect the ones you hold dearest in your life.”

Sharing you my book review:

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Elizabeth Lowell

Published: 13 October 2009

Book: The Secret Sister
Author: Elizabeth Lowell
Rating: ✮✮✮✮ 4/5

Writing Style:
Gipping, suspense, action, passionate romance, historical details, archeological informations, with evoking descriptions, happy ending

Book description:
The Search For Her Sister Could Cost A Woman Her Life

Christy McKenna, the smartest fashion writer in New York, thought she’d escaped her childhood in the impoverished rural West. Then came a call for help from the one person she could not refuse—her sister, the internationally celebrated model known only as Jo.

Jo’s plea draws Christy back to the magnificent mountains and mysterious red-rock canyons of the Four Corners country. But she’s too late—Jo has disappeared. However, Christy does find an unlikely ally in outlaw archaeologist Aaron Cain, and together they pursue Jo and a fabulous cache of ancient Indian artefacts worth millions.

Christy and Cain clash at every turn, but their antagonism soon turns into partnership—and blazing…

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