Rise above any bad experience

© 2005 Camiel van Doorn Photography, Norway

“Rise above all levels of prejudice which bombard us,

if we begin to hate, we become no better than the person we strongly dislike.

The first thing the mind brings up is past bad experience, which generates prejudice.

Learn to know honestly all there is about yourself

even if they displease us enough to realize that all of us bear our self-awareness & self-control on our good and bad sides.

For some enlightened people who can overcome wisely any kind of prejudice,

with their broad mind & flexible heart: breathes a humble and patient spirit.

Lift up any mist of despair,
Light up your mind, heart and soul with optimistic air!

 ~ Angelica Hopes ~

an excerpt from the book:  Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul © 2013  Angelica Hopes

www.angelicahopes.com All Rights Reserved

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Sharing you here a reflective poem with firm resolution from a hopeful heart:

Will You Come Back?

© 2008 Angelica Hopes from the book Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

Humming rhythm of a train,

As she sat in a wagon,

Waiting for the whistle blow,

As she departs for a destination.

Her mind asks, “Will you come back?”

Slow, gradual, sure move

As the train marches,

Track after track, bend after bend

As she recalls sweet memories

Her mind whispers, “Will you come back?”

Bright, shining autumn sun

Not as often as it shines.

As she looks at familiar places:

Lakes, mountains, hills and plains

Her mind chants, “Will you come back?”

Heavy luggage on her path,

Alone but bravely she carries them.

Moving towards a bright destiny,

As she foresees with hopeful luck

Her mind doubts if he‘ll be back.

If and then you won’t be back,

It’s okay for you’re better off track!

A complex life as mine can be…

For I see you better off in your sun and glee.

Her mind goes for a new journey: “One day I’ll be back!”

“I’ll be back in a journey of love!

That journey of love where I don’t know where,

That journey of love that I don’t know whom,

That journey of love when I don’t know when,

That journey of love I know I shall have then!”

Whoever he is, I’ll love him more in a lasting core!

Without hurt or ghost from the past!

Whoever he is, I’ll see to it then:

With determination: we’ll have a happy end.

He is out there and I bet he knows me well!

“Will You Come Back?” An excerpt from Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul:


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