Artistic Bedroom of Wisdom

What an artistic bedroom of wisdom!

That was my first thought when I saw the picture shot of Maryvonne Rippert shared in facebook.  I smiled as I thought, “Is it a writer’s or a book worm’s bed?” Whoever creatively arranged such indoor architecture has flashing originality in mind and heart that goes with sheer style touching the interests of book lover enthusiasts.

The series of books reminded me of years of diligently studying while in bed with hidden chocolates tucked under my pillow.  It reminded me of high school days when I used to swap books with Sheila and Francia because to buy a brand new paperback or even a second hand pocket book was  way out of my budget at that time.  I used to borrow all Sidney Sheldon and Daniel Steele books from manay Roni and manay Susan and I can finish reading 3 of them in a day and that leaves me few hours of sleep prior going to school.  Many said I was bookish, very studious, trying hard, a book worm and seriously sensitive.  Whenever I remember how my peer group in high school teased me to tears and being laughed at for being the smallest for so many years, those hurting sarcasms and pranks and insensible gossips pushed me even more to simply focus on studies and excel on what I love to do.  Yes, I was bookish, a book worm however my life experiences, my wide span of attention and very retentive memory and documentation of my growing years in my diaries have served now as a tool on stitching memoirs for my writing projects.  Many would laugh at me being bookish but my childhood to teenage years, peer group pressures and ill-disrespect from others, my career/working days and my marriage life and most of all my various travels, historical, literary & adventurous ones, they all contributed to the acquired wisdom I pen down now in my manuscript projects.

I dreamed a lot when I was small to write and hoping to be as excellent as my favorite authors so I could inspire many. Poetic verses drove me to pen down my initial exposure in publishing world, followed by short stories and waiting for editor’s and publisher’s reply on submitted novel manuscript involves patience, tenacity, confidence and faith.




Work hard on it.

Research and be very resourceful.

Be very patient.

Be tenacious and persevering.

Have confidence and faith.

Carry every day a an energizing determination and light of inspiration.

All these are daily breathe of oxygen attitudes that any Author, aspiring writer, student need to have to succeed in order to achieve one’s goals in life.

I have an after thought too, despite a beautiful bedroom with thoughts of wisdom in our life: “Whoever mocked, insulted, made fun of me for being the smallest in the class, gossiped at its worst, laughed to hurt me in the past, those are annoying unaccepted gifts I happily give back to those tactless and insensitive individuals who have crab mentality in striking with lack of appreciation at other people’s creativity, good will and generosity of time.”

Smooth seas never make a skillful sailor.

The same thing I’d say,

Smooth life never makes a better person.
Smooth past never makes an excellent Author/writer.” 

Angelica Hopes

Wishing you a wonderful and inspiring day!

Take care,


Author of the books:

As I pen down my thoughts in poetry, short stories and novels, I share part of the landscapes of my soul:

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