Artistic Labour of Love

Dear Readers and Friends,

Welcome to these pages of artistic labor of love. That special unique gift of creativity deep inside one’s soul, heart and mind expressed in magnificent masterpieces of these artists, sculptors, painters and gifted individuals.

These are works of art I have seen from various places I have traveled with my family.

best regards,

Angelica Hopes

© 2010 Camiel van Doorn Oia, Santorini, GR

Everyone is gifted with  unique ability and with your continuous effort to develop it:

your attitude, enthusiasm & character matching the chances and choices you take,

bringing you to a fulfillment and joy as fruit of your hard work and diligence.

Angelica Hopes 

an excerpt from the book, Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul © 2014 Angelica Hopes

© 2010 Camiel van Doorn Photography
Kamari, Santorini GR

Notorious for its stubborness, extreme rudeness, dumbass: all of these attributed to a donkey, jack and mule.

What about  smart, intelligent and good strategies involved on a chess game where self-preservation matters?

In a game of chess, stubborness is a virtue as well as donkeys have strong sense of self-preservation.

Does that apply then if one is extremely stubborn? Is the main reason behind it is one’s self-preservation? Or is it of high pride?

an excerpt from the book, Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul © 2014 Angelica Hopes

© All Rights Reserved

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