Ascolta il tuo cuore – Listen to your heart

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Songs are artistic labor of heart from the heart, soul and mind of song writers, lyricists, composers and singers who put carefully these words in union of unique melody, harmony and rhythm that stays in our mind, shed tears in our eyes and truly touch our heart every time we listen to a particular song that can affect us, bring us back to a nostalgic lane and remind us of our transformations or resolutions.

One of my favorite songs I frequently listen when I was a divorced mother raising my two growing daughters was this song, “Ascolta il tuo cuore”  (Salamat to Florence and Dante who gave me a complete copy of Laura Pausini’s song on Feb. 2006). I’ve been listening to this song when I edited my first book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

Sharing you my English translation of the lyrics of Ascolta del cuore:

“Hey, how are you now?

Betrayed by a bygone story

And in front of you is  __nth ascent

You may feel alone

No one can hear you

Who can share your troubles

Never, ever give up!

Stay as you are,

Follow your destiny

Because all of  the pain that you have inside

Cannot delete your journey.

And then you’ll discover

That our story of every minute

Belongs to us

But if you’ll remain

Lost without a reason

In a sea of “why.”

Inside you, listen to your heart,

And in silence,  you’ll find the words,

Close your eyes and let yourself go,

Try to reach, inside the planet of the heart.

It’s difficult to understand,

What’s the right thing to do

If you beat in the head an emotion.

The pride you got,

The nights in which remorse wakes you,

For fear of commiting mistakes,

But if you find yourself,

Without stars to follow

Don’t ever give up!

Believe in yourself! Listen to your heart!

Do what it says even if it makes you suffer.

Close your eyes and then you let yourself go,

Try to fly over this pain.

You will not deal falsely

If you listen to your heart,

Open your arms until it could touch:

Every hand, every hope, every dreams you want,

Because then you will reach into the heart of each one of us

Every time that you don’t know what to do,

Try to fly, in the planet of the heart.

 You, you try to fly

Do…do… do… where the planet of the heart

 You, you, you inside the planet  of the heart.

Translation of the song lyrics from Italian to English by Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn

Ehi adesso come stai?
Tradita da una storia finita
E di fronte a te l’ennesima salita.
Un po’ ti senti sola,
Nessuno che ti possa ascoltare,
Che divida con te i tuoi guai,
Mai! tu non molare mai!
Rimani come sei,
Insegui il tuo destino,
Perché tutto il dolore che hai dentro
Non potrai mai cancellare il tuo cammino
E allora scoprirai
Che la storia di ogni nostro minuto
Appartiene soltanto a noi.
Ma se ancora resterai,
Persa senza una ragione
In un mare di perché

Dentro te ascolta il tuo cuore
E nel silenzio troverai le parole.
Chiudi gli occhi e poi tu lasciati andare,
Prova a arrivare dentro il pianeta del cuore

difficile capire
Qual la cosa giusta da fare
Se ti batte nella testa un’emozione.
L’orgoglio che ti piglia,
Le notti in cui il rimorso ti sveglia
Per la paura di sbagliare,
Ma se ti ritroverai
Senza stelle da seguire
Tu non rinunciare mai

Credi in te! Ascolta il tuo cuore!
Fai quel che dice anche se fa soffrire.
Chiudi gli occhi e poi tu lasciati andare,
Prova a volare oltre questo dolore.

Non ti ingannerai
Se ascolti il tuo cuore,
Apri le braccia fino quasi a toccare
Ogni mano, ogni speranza, ogni sogno che vuoi
Perch poi ti porter fino al cuore di ognuno di noi.

Ogni volta, che non sai cosa fare,
Prova a volare, dentro il pianeta del cuore.

Tu tu prova a volare
Do do do dov’ il pianeta del cuore.

Tu tu tu dentro il pianeta del cuore

Sang by Laura Pausini written by: Alfredo Pausini, Charles/Rapetti, Mastrofrancesco, Vito, Alberto/Cohiba

Camiel van Doorn Photography

Roses in the beautiful garden of Dinos Hotel, Tsilivi, Zakynthos, Greece

Translation of the song lyrics from Italian to English byAna Angelica Abaya van Doorn

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