Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear Loving Mother,

who faces endless daily chores and routines,

your enduring sacrifice at your chosen profession,

your courage and strength on both smooth and rough times,

your continuous thoughts and guidance on your growing children,

you teach your children to take interest and responsibilities in life,

choosing happiness, making wise choices and the art of being optimist,

your persuasion in embracing changes, the art of appreciation,

the gracefulness in creating a beautiful, meaningful, happy home,

your ways on simplicity, true beauty, intelligence, practicality,

opening your children’s eyes to reality when facing tough times,

your patience in deep listening to the wisdom of growing children,

your tolerance on how to overlook unimportant things,

your heart of unending patience and loving spirit

you know and show what is safer to be interested in,

your pillars of motivation, encouragement,

and best moral, spiritual values in life to live a balance life,

who reinforces the great qualities and strength

in your children’s different characters, the value of living in harmony,

who carefully carried the fruit of your love for nine months

laboriously, bravely brought your baby into this world,

for how many hours, days, nights and years you guide

and shower your tender, loving care.

A mother who’s endless sacrifice and challenges on rough times

who helps her children to finish up strong, smarter and wiser,

a mother’s strength, courage, patient loving spirit teach children

to lead a happier healthier, balanced productive meaningful life,

who teaches the children how to significantly choose our battles,

the importance of facing heartaches and embracing differences,

who believes in the potential of children, believe in their best,

accept others as they are and motivates to concentrate, work towards  success,

lives the complexity of life with humble acceptance, determination and joy,

the art of the possible gracious living in this world,

reinforces the great qualities and strength in her children’s characters,

teaches children to thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance and love,

tips on letting go the impulses to judge others,

refuse to feel good about the mistakes and suffering of anyone,

build the spirit of compassion and empathy,

teaches the children the lessons of honesty, respect, gratitude,

failure and perseverance,

kindness, faith, hope and unconditional love.

A mother who is very committed in various roles in this odyssey of life,

helping her children to discover, plant the seeds of good values,

self-reliant and confident strong character that can take strong root in their life.

For all dearest, lovingly dedicated mothers

and all who have taken the role of being a mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!

This video includes a very special message for all very dedicated mothers and for all those golden hearted special person, carer, aunt who have generously embraced the function of being a mother.

Enjoy my simple, reflective piano rendition.

best regards,

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For all dear Single Mothers, for Overseas Working Mothers and for those generous Hearts who have assumed the role of a mother in behalf of all far and away, overseas working Mothers:


For My Mama

For all the mothers of this world,

Of course I’m sure I’m one of the luckiest daughter,

Rare and most unique, wonderful, generous, intelligent,

self-less, giving and ever patient loving mother,

my own Mama!

Many nights of sleepless hours, she took care of me,

my sister and my brothers,

Years passed, her struggles, sorrows,

trials were all uphill,

yet she remained strong, courageous and brave

to have surpassed them all.

My dearest mother, the most ever great model

of patience and flexibility,

And never I ever heard any complaints

nor lamentations during any difficulty.

My dearest mother, my best model of her endless

unconditional love and forgiving heart.

All these priceless gifts of talent, wisdom,

attitude and character she has shared and given me.

For my Mama, goes a special tribute and reassurance

that the great gifts she had inculcated in me: 

wholesome personality, balanced emotional, intellectual, 

psychological, physical and spiritual values,

proud to pass it on to my little angels, my girls 

and raise them well

as my mother has prepared me so well 

in the real world I’m facing now.

For my Mama, who brought me to this world, goes my deepest love, respect and unending gratitude for what I am now today.

The Best Mama In The World

Thirty five years ago, she brought me into this world.

Hours, days, nights and years, she cared

and showered me with tender loving care.

Endless sacrifice and challenges in events:

on smooth or rough times,

She helped me through and helped me become

of who and what I am today.

Beautiful, chic, ever-patient mother I have.

Envy of many because she is smart, patient

and knows well how to stay afloat

Amidst the tidal waves of conflicts from left and right.

Strong, brave, courageous and patient heart and soul:

she passed on me!

The way to face this world at times bad or good,

harsh and cold,

Yet many times, this is the way to be,

Go on, forwards and onwards, no matter what!

“I’m here for you, loving you and my moral support

now that you’re far from our homeland

and have acquired new culture

I’m wishing, hoping, wanting and

praying the best for you in your life.”

Ang aking inay, (tagalog)

an sakong nanay, (bikol)

mammang, (ilocano)

meine Mutter, (German)

la mia madre, (Italian)

mi madre, (Spanish)

ma mere (French)

mijn moeder (Dutch)

my mother (English)

has always done the best in the world for me!

For My Mama and Single Mom are excerpts from the book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul


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