Taste of Life

… a day in a life of a novelist …

Dear Friends and Readers,

Sharing you some taste of life from home to other places. Unique tastes matched with special palate of thoughts and sayings.

For my first agenda in life: my epitome of patience and master of solutions husband and my three sweet, wise, smart, vivacious girls…

Having my writing as my passion, I also love cooking!

best regards,

September 26, 2011

Our menu for lunch : adobong kangkong and also kangkong with bagoong guisado
– this is rich in iron content – and at the same time while I was cooking this today, I’m smiling remembering my thrifty ways during college days by cooking kangkong in different manner so at the end of the week, some pesos I have saved will be for a nice English movie at Emily theater.

But a week before cooking this menu, I had made overseas call in Chiasso to my close friend, Lorna, to verify how it is cooked because it has been a long time I haven’t cooked adobong kangkong.

… a day in a life of a novelist …

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