Home made gnocchi alle patate – potato dumplings

Dear Readers and Cook Enthusiasts,

Sharing you one of the Italian recipes I learned from Nonna Beatrice (the grandmother of my two older daughters who came from Soazza, Switzerland). Gnocchi alle patate or potato dumplings is an economical or a real budget recipe but very nutritious, all you need is patience and the love for cooking and time to prepare each little round potato dumplings.  

If you have growing toddlers from 3 years old onwards and growing kids and teens, this is a good bonding time in the kitchen as you teach them the love of art and cooking and of course, the essence and joy of home made meals.

From my old recipe notes – September 7, 1995, on my first year in Lugano, Switzerland

Ingredients: 1 kg potato, 150 grams flour, 1 egg, pinch of salt  

Procedure: 1. Peel potatoes, steam them until soft to mash. (I prefer to steam potatoes so the nutrients stay intact compared to boiling them in a water)


2. Mash the potatoes

3. Mix flour, egg and mashed potato, when compact (as in nothing drops on the table or chopping board), roll the mixture into even marble like size


roll gnocchi

4. cook the potato dumpling on boiling water

5. once the potato dumplings rise, it means they are cooked, drain the potato dumplings from the boiling water with a strainer

potato dumplings casserole

6. Cook/prepare a plain home made tomato sauce with generous amount of fresh red tomatoes garnished with Italian spices such as basil, oregano.

red sauce

  Alternative/Other attractive gnocchi alle patate you may see in the shop ready made are of these attractive shape: (you may do this artistically too, by pressing softly the fork on the potato dumpling form) or have this wooden carved form to shape your decorated striped gnocchi rigate in Italian. 



Our home made gnocchi alle patate al sugo di pomodori – home made potato dumplings with tomato sauce.


Add fresh grated Parmesan or Reggiano cheese.

Buon appetito!

best regards,


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