Homemade Garlic Flavored Croutons

These garlic flavored  homemade croutons are easy to make, ideal to garnish salads and soups.


2 cloves of garlic finely diced  (twee teentjes knoflook fijn gesneden)

small amount – 10 grams – of low fat  butter  (10 g laag vetgehalte boter)

diced bread (on this video, I diced 3 loaves of bread (gesneden brood)

spices: a pinch of salt, little bit of pepper (een beetje zout en pepper)

air tight container (luchtdicht container)

Note: If you made extra croutons, they can be ground up and be used as bread crumbs. (u kan ze fijn malen en als broodkruimels gebruiken)

Love your chores. 

Be inspired when you cook.
Live healthy!

take care,


Author of the books:

Feel free to comment, add advice and share how you make your croutons.

Here’s how I make the homemade garlic flavored croutons:

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