Pandesal and ensaymada

pandesal and ensaymada
The notable fragrance of a freshly baked bread,
uniquely wakens up a delightful appetite
for these delicious home made pandesal and ensaymada
baked with love, hard work and grace by Irene N. C. Simons.It’s a great sumptuous bite any time of the day! Perfect to start my day!Pandesal and Ensaymada – made by Irene N.C. Simons.p.s. I’ve been eating this since last night, even dipped the pandesal in a condensed milk.
The last time I ate pandesal was in May, 2004 (when I visited Phils. during the funeral of my Papa)
and the last time I ate ensaymada was in mid 90’s around 1992 – 1995 during my Land Bank of Phils. days…)
I’m so grateful, thanks Janet & Irene, I’m enjoying these delicious delicacies!

♥  ♥  ♥
  A Taste  of Life

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