Facebook Toxic Pretenders

Don’t judge the landscapes of my heart, for you haven’t lived my life nor listened to the whispers of my soul. ~ Angelica Hopes acrostic fake fb LHWS

An audio excerpt:

An excerpt:







Off balancing


Most individuals are capable of kindness which at best advantage if most people are kind, then it would be a better atmosphere for everyone around. However, since there are these Facebook pretenders who dump emotional garbage on other people’s wall or private messages in order to annoy. These fake names and people, these trolls have malicious goals in mind: infiltrate your account, spy on your close friends, family members and friends’ lists, rob your photographs reserved for their vengeful use, plagiarism or humiliate you one day if your friendship would rub in the wrong direction.

Lara met a bunch from the worse living hell of Facebook toxic pretenders. It took her two months of heavy feelings of hurt and low spirits with augmenting mistrust on her fellow compatriots because by accident she has mistakenly trusted some ladies whose presence in Facebook is to provoke other people’s lives especially when their envious, proud, greedy, wrathful, lewd and covetous mode are all together head on to pick on anyone that they would like to talk about, ridicule upon and gossip on and on until their malicious provoking ways ignite strong reaction from their subject victim.

These kind of Facebook liars and pretenders begin by getting your trust, befriending you, agreeing with you, they would go as Italian says, “lecca culo,” meaning they would kiss one’s ass as their way of gaining your trust. If you continuously go with the flow of their ways, that is all right but when they realized that you are morally upright and you avoid any kind of vices which they have, then you’ll be the apple of their eyes as candidate for next target of contempt. These Facebook pretenders can stage situations either in a subtle, gradual way until the worse increasing impact of the situation. They can use various pages putting up with their mockery and malice, either anonymously directed to you or they can even copy paste a part of your own personal posting or from your personal friendly e-mail reply as the topic of the day making it viral in multiple pages or secret groups for their open worse derision.

Their insults and all sorts of form of disrespect, put in malicious words which they know very well can hurt you inwardly until you break down your patience and calmness into a reaction they have been waiting for, that is, confrontation and showing how you would lose your anger in a virtual Facebook page world.” 

an excerpt from the book, Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul now available in iTunes.


© 2014 Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn. All Rights Reserved.

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