Flight of Love and Friendship

Flight of Love and Friendship

© 2008 Angelica Hopes


Flight of an eagle across the horizon,

Leaving a fading tail of yesterday’s zone.

In a journey towards a new dawn,

Going towards a full blown:

Heart’s wishes of a deep lone soul.

Time and travel paving way on one’s goal.

Old, cast away hurting forgiven memories,

Fallen but risen into a brave cheerful soul waking into a reality.

Love, unconditional, truly lasting, shall it be there waiting for you?

Over a cloudy horizon where a trusting heart hides itself.

Voice of a whispering soul says, “Open your eyes, give yourself a chance…”

Endless doors are there for you. Just gently knock and see what’s awaiting you.

An all consuming love and passion once known and travelled with you,

Nestling in one’s being a unique peak fulfilment!

Die cast that hot last ember of love! Into: Friendship.

Friends once in loved and yet embrace a new found beauty.

Reaching out a closeness that never allows being alone to feel lonely.

Into unchartered path, holding hands without touching, you both walked boldly.

Each careful step, silently understanding each one’s call of your heart’s desire.

Nearness of a caring, listening heart, as you share any of life’s ups and downs…

Destiny bound in sight: a lone waiting swan swimming calmly in a silver lake,

Stallion’s restless speed into the wilds of “Forest Search”

Honesty, openness, sincerity, acceptance, the joy of sharing

Importance of knowing the responsibility of loving,

Perfect harmony of two friendly souls: one who loves and one who inspires


in a choice of their lifetime.


“Flight of Love and Friendship” an acrostic poem – an excerpt from the book,  Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul Copyright © 2008, 2014 Angelica Hopes

Rhythm of a Heart Music of a Soul book cover

My poetry book is available in iTunes: Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

There was a time in my life that the flight of love and friendship crashed deep hurt in my life but afterwards I and my angels, moved on and finally sailed home.  Enjoy this video & sceneries of Corsica with an excerpt of “The Bridge Across Forever.”

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