Happy International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Dear beloved, beautiful, strong Woman,

Managing multiple, challenging tasks we face daily,
Along the wonderful odyssey of life we embrace gently.
Kismet of goodness we share in many ways,
Engaging others to be of light, glowing against darkest decay.

Intelligence, ingenuity, industriousness in any line of duty
Trusting, truthful, tender heart matching tenacious, tolerant spirit.

Happiness we share spreading gravity of motivated minds,
Alert, appreciative, altruistic spirit engaging unity of hearts,
Persevering, peaceful, patient, souls in a wheel of wholesome growth.
Pleasure after pain, pragmatic, wit, efficient in conquering problems,
Enduring with strength, decisiveness, faith, hope, love intuition, values,
Nurturing respect, harmony, justice, dignity, equality peace, humble commitment with unmatched courage.

Make It Happen, an acrostic poem by Angelica Hopes

Happy International Women’s Day!

Make it happen. Celebrate women’s achievements. Call for greater equality.

International Women's Day

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