Environmental Awareness Poem


An acrostic environmental poem:

No Signs of Life in the Mudslide in my Homeland

News front in newspapers, TV channels: 


Of a nightmare as worst as memories of other past catastrophes in my homeland.


Survivors of more than fifty people, out of 1,857 population,

In few jumbles of corrugated steel sheeting, 

       sticking up from thirty feet of sludge, bloody sticky mud!

Gone are the two hundred fifty schoolchildren and their teachers.

Nowhere to be seen the whole farming community!

Sucked out were lives of Guinsagon as it was flooded 

      by eroding mud and mountain that Friday the 18th!


Of all the places in this world,

Falls again in my struggling country already seasonally  victimized by natural calamities.


Lives of innocent young girls and boys, with their joyful, hopeful,  usual studying day in the school

In a sudden erosion of rebelling nature  of mountain crying into mud floods,

Falling in a quick, muddy, unforgiving cloaking those youth in a sudden end of their breath.

Ending their lives, their youthful hopes, their tomorrow unseen, 

     but all black, muddy, bloody, suffocating end!


In seeing or hearing such news, you’d be tearful and very saddened,

Nearly reminding us of other tragedies  

     like that one in Phuket, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Banda Aceh.


Troops of rescue aids and help come from many countries.

Humanitarian hearts reaching out and doing as much as possible to search for remnant lives.

Ending with a deep knife of disappointment in their hearts  

     and of many others,  when no more life has been found.


Mad is the nature revolting on us now,

     mad mud massacre of innocent victims of a farming town!

Under the merciless death of the innocents, lies the responsibility of illegal loggers, of corrupt people,

Denuding the thick forest of the mountains by illegal logging, 

     boosting their thicker pockets, of a reckless few!

Several years after comes this tragedy like now, eating up the whole village, 

      while the corrupt people who caused such catastrophe:

Live in a luxurious, easier, lives of nonchalance, no conscience, 

     no guilt but merely a surviving end in their greedy minds.

In the mouth of mud of death are the struggling common people who don’t deserve a tragic final end.

Did you ever ask yourself when you hear about this tragedy, what in a simple way in our daily life 

     we can do to contribute to our environment, 

     to our world, to our  present and future so in the end 

     we can still have a world worth living for?

Exactly the same query I’d like to ask for others who are well off, 

     who had never seen in real life how desperation, poverty, calamity, 

     tragedy due to natural catastrophes 

     but mainly caused by human corrupt beings?


In the platform of our government leaders, 

     there’s a NEED AND CALL for dedicated leaders who are not corrupt!

Next to their heart and mind and soul shall be a goal to serve and lead 

     honestly and generously for the good of the whole community!


Merely history and history repeats itself, for up in the ladder of any country

Yet reveals the victory of the greedy, hungry, corrupt ones, 

     using every end to fatten their every pocket bends!


Hope… let’s hope and start doing it from our home,

     what growing naturalistic conserving contribution we can give!

Optimism… let’s join ourselves into united chain pushing

     to have a better community in peace and harmony!

Messiah… let us be like one, by the way of love and enlightenment, 

     unconcerned with those of closed minds,

     to have a mission to help others, find salvation,

     freedom, compassion and transformation  for a better earth.

Enthusiasm… to live in tune with nature and not abuse God’s natural gifts.

Love… that unconditional love that leads us  to be willing to sacrifice oneself for the good of all

Ample inner strength…. that never dies in our motivation to be a responsible citizen of this world.

Next to your mind shall always be a soul and heart of social and environmental awareness.

Die cast the corrupting temptations but let’s dedicate to live each day

     with responsible move, action and reaction as human beings with heart and

     concern to the needy, a humble end of not only thinking of our own fast gains

     but with concern and love to the whole mankind and the only avitat we live 

     and shall leave for the future generations!

Angelica Hopes 

No Signs of Life in the Mudslide in my Homeland, an excerpt from the book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul  First published in a soft cover edition in 2008 Angelica Hopes

Second Enhanced Revised Edition NOW AVAILABLE in iTunes, click link: : Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul
Books by Angelica Hopes
I wrote this poem in February, 2006.
I would like to dedicate this poem which I  spontaneously wrote a day after the tragedy of February 18, 2006 for the loss of lives, the suffering of victims and family members/loved ones of the mudslide in Guinsagon, Leyte, Philippines. For the victims, the survivors and to my countrymen in any worse calamities that happen in our country, we hold on to thrive in life, reach out to help and in God we trust.”

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