The Player

“Celui qui est fidèle dans ce qui est très-petit, est fidèle aussi dans ce qui est grand; et celui qui est injuste dans ce qui est très-petit, et injuste aussi dans ce qui est grand.”

“He who is faithful in what is very small, is also faithful at large; and he who is unjust and dishonest in small things shall also always be unjust and dishonest in a grander way.”

“The Player” is some sort of acrostic poem, an excerpt from the chapter “Warning Bells of a Heart” from my book “Rhythm of a Heart, Music of A Soul,” published in 2008.  I wrote this in March, 2007 when I met a man whom I sensed by intuition that I could not trust him at all no matter how much he tried to convince that he is a good, responsible man who acted like a saint from December 2006 to May 2008.

I would like to especially dedicate this poem to gullible, naìve, trusting, generous, loving hearts, victims of players who have been deceived by a con man, an opportunist man, a user, a schemer, a cheat, an international modern Casanova or a heartless player of women’s heart.

He is still out there in continuous promiscuous games with ladies of all colours from North pole to South pole, from East coast to West Coast.

Try to google, extensively search and dig on the man if you are suspicious especially the man who uses various e-mails and codes. He can appear like a saintly handsome face who proves to you that he loves his parents so much and confess that you are the only one in his life but he has no heart nor soul because for him he only uses people especially ladies for his self-interests. He hides in various codes in his worst unscrupulous ways.



The Player

©2008 Angelica Hopes

The player takes it all? It’s a both win and lose game.

However, there are ones without shame,

Who plays around with a loyal heart’s flame.

Have you ever known one? Who’d play his game with a mastery frame,

He’d use internet as his net to fish in the wide sea of females!

He’d get your interest and sympathy with his intellect, charms and feigned sincerity.

He’d set your passion aflame but he plans to be transitory as he came.

Everywhere, anywhere, you’ll spot a player.

Especially in the world wide web or even in the actual humdrum world.

He’d tell you he’s looking for a true relationship or even a soul mate,

But along the way, he’s hunting, collecting, using

and discarding in every global flight and bend.


Player, players, men or women, young or old, intentional and bold,

Let themselves often think of flesh, passion, pleasure and gain. Then when he had his fill…

Along the road, he’s gone for his next lady’s kill, Crashed heart thrown like an old tart!

Yesterday’s escapade gone while he’s set for the present game of his

Of his distorted love: hunt – sex – trade – jade – played and let them fade!

Echoes of a broken chain of ladies, eliminated like blowing knots of wind

Flying variability referred to as today’s promiscuity

Roaming eyes, raving narcissistic heart, rolling low and basic desires,

Satisfied in every adventure of a flight of The Player…

Who shall always be in his next catch and match of heartless games.

The Player… Have you ever met one or some?

Either domestic or international mode of his tactics?

Beware my dear heart who still believes and hopes of a true lasting love!

For in The Player’s heart, nothing lasts but many are short stand casts!

The player can only crash a faithful true heart

Of someone who loves unconditionally and faithfully like the swan in a lake.

“Who are you really?”

“The Player?”

“Or one of the ‘rare few’ good ones who let lives a true lasting selfless loyal love?”

an excerpt from the book,    Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

Copyright © 2008, 2014  Angelica Hopes 

I hope you enjoyed this acrostic poem.

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