Landscapes of a Soul

Life without strife is a rose without thorns.
Alive as one is thriving today towards tomorrow,
Nowhere is the past but simply a school of memory.
Dreams, wishes, goals then becomes a wheel of “wills,”
Spirit of a unique being on each soul breathing.
Care to ponder some matter or another?
Awareness sliding towards discovery gliding…
Peace, contentment, fulfilment,
Enwrapped like a mirage enchantment.
Soaring freely, excitingly, happily home-love-bound!

Over precious moments in a breathing of a soul,
Flowing high emotions, feelings, hearts in bliss.

All around any season of one’s existence, one asks:
“Anyone out there?
A heart of a soul that didn’t harden?
A touch of a soul that didn’t hurt?
A life of a soul that didn’t love?”

Sands of time, rough, warm, indefinite,
simply spreading, transforming, mounting.
Oasis of a soul from a desert journey,
flourishing with endless beauty and security.
Utmost bliss, fulfilment and contentment,
under covers a struggling, hopeful soul,
Labouring service, living justice,
loving peace and tranquillity passed on to humanity!

Landscapes of a Soul

an excerpt from the book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul 

Rhythm of a Heart Music of a Soul book cover

First published in  © 2008 Angelica Hopes

© 2014 Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn

Revised Second Edition now available in iTunes:  Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul by Angelica Hopes

Michael Anna Maria van Doorn Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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