Conquer One’s Temper, Control One’s Anger

“A brave, strong and mature person can  conquer one’s weaknesses like temper and anger through self-awareness and self-control.

Surprise your family, friends and colleagues

with a cheerful, gentle, inspiring presence not with intrusive, offensive unnecessary intimidation.”

~ Angelica Hopes ~

Here’s something on how to conquer one’s temper and one’s anger:

Through self-awareness and self-control, we allow more to have the choice on how to act on a circumstance or person that triggers our intense feeling like anger.

We can all change for the better, only when we want to and we help ourselves to face the challenges, gain more self-respect, respect to other people, less moments of being annoyed and frustrated and avoiding hurting others.

Sharing you some ways on how to manage anger:

  1. Exercise. Brisk walking, leisure walking, running, working out, playing a sport, all these exercises are great to improve our mood and decrease negative feelings.
  2. Write down your thoughts and emotions. Writing down anything how we feel in form of essay, poem, lyrics, remorse, regret and simply writing down our thoughts and feelings can improve how we feel as you release such feelings showing up in smaller portions and do not build up inside.
  3. Discover your artistic side. Draw or sketch our thoughts or feelings can help too.
  4. Listen to music. Music changes our mood very quickly.
  5. Talk about our feelings with someone we trust. Many times there are emotions like fear and sadness beneath any anger. Talking about them can help it out instead of being bottled inside.
  6. Distract ourselves by finding something to do or what’s bugging us. Some activities that can distract are reading, going to movies, watch TV or simple keeping busy doing chores at home like cleaning the garage, the car or spotlessly cleaning the toilet or the entire house.
  7. Find a hobby that you love where it can distract you and at the same time pull out the strong emotions in you into something creative.

All these can help us cool down when we feel like our anger might explode.

It is also wise to know that underneath any individual’s anger, there are often other emotions such as hurt, guilt, fear, regret, accumulated pressures, anxiety and problems, desperation and sadness. Lack of sleep and exhaustion can also trigger to flaring temper and sensitivity.

At times we may ask ourselves, what if there’s no immediate problem to solve as we simply need to shift into a better mood? Sometimes when we’re angry, we just need to stop thinking or stop cross examining the situation or stop blaming something, others or ourselves or the situation on how mad we are.

Learning how to deal with our strong emotions such as anger is not as complicated as you think as long as there’s our spirit of willingness for a better change and putting self-respect and respect for others on the top of any flaring ignition.

Don’t lose control, don’t let anger control us because we can conquer it. 

All it takes are our effort to have more patience, understanding, compassion, respect, optimism and flexibility and calmness in our heart.

Never be a victim of abusive people nor any mad person whose anger is worse than all devils put together from hell.

Take care,


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