Maintain serenity amidst a hectic life

keep your head cool AH

RUSH! RUN! Sprint! Is it worth it?

Mind set on a goal, a deadline or an appointment.

Time seemed not enough to fit in.

Eating up every chance of fulfilling everyone’s demands.

Alertness and speed as you hope in time

To catch the light blue bus of your delight.

Underneath a calm demeanor…

Heart beating fast as your frequent timely

sprint to catch this public transport.

Free of stirring wheel’s task into a drive of joyful loving memories.

Relaxing one’s shaken nerves as the bus takes its course,

Bringing you to your next destiny of responsibility.

Stop! Pause! Have you ever realized?

You may be running into a six-feet-deep call?

Running all the time everyday of your life,

Fulfilling at its utmost on every one’s calling.

Task, duties, responsibilities promptly, satisfactorily performed.

But how could you ever forget,

That you too need a realm of calm.

 Have a break! Enjoy life, for a heart of rushing state,

Usually end in a hurtful fate.

Watch a falling leaf in an autumn sky…

It takes its time before touching the ground.

Are you in a rush? Nerves on the run?

Get a healthy HALT and see to it that…

“You’ll be safe in your home run.”

Acrostic poem, RUSH– an excerpt from the book,   Rhythm of a Heart,  Music of a Soul © 2008 Angelica Hopes, 1st edition in paperback

Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul, the second enhanced revised edition in iBook for iPad version format which includes video and graphics is NOW AVAILABLE in iTunes on this link:  Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul by Angelica Hopes © 2014  Ana Angelica Abaya van Doorn

Books by Angelica Hopes

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