Man of the Northern Lights

Man of the Northern Lights

an acrostic poem © 2008 Angelica Hopes

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Man of the northern lights, Blue eyed knight of her delight.

Allure of an impossible, Two hearts both gullible.

Not a heartbreaker? Nearly mind over matter?

Over the years… He kept her company.

Falling tears… He dried her misery.

Thoughts he asked: Who is in your heart?

However in doubt, It’s him since the very start.

Eventually he rescued her, From another heart disaster.

Now what? Now when? Now how? Sight and voice from surreal to real.

Over the altitudes of new horizon… Will she risk again to fly?

Reopen her heart, relived her spirit… Will she completely trust?

That she did before in sunshine, Ending up alone in rain of tears.

Heart of a man in quantum new heights, Knocking at her numb far away sights.

Ever patiently waiting for her to grow. A past thorn left some time ago.

Ringing in her mind, singing in her heart, The unique strums of the dancing lights!

Northern lights she hasn’t seen yet, As well as “him”  dreamed on empty nights.

Light illuminating, sure and bright, As it reaches where she hides her heart in fright.

In his warm, courageous, passionate voice, Waiting, knocking, and asking of her   choice?

Gullible hearts, willing to risk: To feel and immerse on true sense of living.

Hearts which have had each travel scars, Brave, ready, passionate, sweetly loving.

Tomorrow is a matter of time,  with spirit of hope,

As they breathe with love on their journey today.

Sliding sword on a sheet, an angel found her wings,

Soaring home in one heart with the blue-eyed knight

Sheltered in skies of the magical northern lights!

Man of the Northern Lights, an acrostic poem by Angelica Hopes  an excerpt from my poetry book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul © 2008, 2014

Second Enhanced Revised Edition NOW AVAILABLE in iTunes, click link: Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

Enjoy this magnificent video of the Northern lights by Ole C. Salomonsen

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