Christmas in Our Hearts


Christmas carols in the air fill one’s senses with festive flare.

Holly wreaths by the door, circle of love in a familiar home.

Reindeers of Santa Claus, travel with gifts for the kids’ delight.

I, for one hope for something that only one can fill from within,

a heart whispers night after night.

Snow in a winter land, sea shore in one’s dream land.

Tinkering silver bells, gleeful sound: Rings of hope in an inner child’s hidden heart.

Mistletoe, red trimmings & glitters, warm kisses shared under it,

you bet this one never had one in life.

Advent of Jesus’ birthday always fill a heart of joy,

Spirit of hope and love shared with love ones we care most.


In a far and away winter land,

Nestles a waiting heart of a new found Christmas.


Over the years, Christmases passed with its falls of nostalgic pain

and now a desert.

Uncovers at last her first real happy Christmas yet more to come.

Renaissance of new memories unfolding right in a new found free spirit.


Hear a joyful heart singing but from the inner crest beats

a deep longing of missing,

Endless hope for a real love, found and patiently blooming!

Across the globe, many long for peace and hope for a better living.

Ringing with tune for all: love, peace starts from within our hearts, our family.

Twinkling star of each night, be our guide into another bright new start.

Spirit of a true Christmas: peace, love and joy for all mankind.


Christmas in Our Hearts, an excerpt from my book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul © Angelica Hopes, author of the books:

Angelica Hopes iBooksSecond Enhanced Edition is NOW AVAILABLE in iTunes: Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

© 2004 – 2014

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