It’s Christmas, My Dear

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One of my most favourite songs during when December approaches is, Pasko Na, Sinta Ko.  For me, it goes back Christmas of 1987 when I and school friends from the Education Department sang it as one of our Christmas carols in every class on various college departments: Education, Commerce, Social Workers, Music and Nursing.

Pasko Na, Sinta Ko

Pasko na sinta ko hanap-hanap kita (It’s Christmas my dear, I’ve been searching for you)
Bakit magtatampo’t nilisan ako (Why sulk  and you left me)

Kung mawawala ka sa piling ko sinta (If you’ll be gone from my side, my dear)
Paano ang Pasko, inulila mo (How will Christmas be, you abandoned it)

Sayang sinta ang sinumpaan (It’s a pity my dear of the promises)
At pagtitinginang tunay (On the true sincerity)
Nais mo bang kalimutang ganap (Would you like to thoroughly forget it)
Ang ating suyuan at galak (Our courtship and gladness)

Kung mawawala ka sa piling ko sinta (If you’ll be gone, my dear)
Paano ang Paskong alay ko sa’yo (How will Christmas be, I’d like to offer for you)

Sayang sinta ang sinumpaan 
At pagtitinginang tunay
Nais mo bang kalimutang ganap
Ang ating suyuan at galak

Kung mawawala ka sa piling ko sinta 
Paano ang paskong alay ko sa’yo

In the past, whenever I hear this song, I am often tear-eyed because of some emptiness in my life when it comes to love life. Although that could have been focal point of my long time wishes from high school, college, working days and some major crisis in an unhappy marriage.

Focusing on family which meant my children and my closest relatives and the path of reaching out while embracing the call of moving on comes the second chance of welcoming a new family which its blessings of harmony, peace, daily laughter, shared ups and downs, with happiness, respect and true, lasting love filling up my deepest fulfilment in life along with a grateful heart thanking God and remembering His greatest gift for us, Jesus.

Sharing you my rendition of Pasko Na, Sinta Ko which I recorded in piano.

Pasko Na, Sinta Ko


May the true spirit of Christmas: peace, love and joy for all mankind fill your heart and home, as we commemorate the birthday of Jesus.

Maligayang Pasko ☆ Merry Christmas ☆ Buon Natale ☆ Fröhliche Weihnachten ☆ Prettige Kerstdagen ☆ Maogmang Pasko 
Warmest greetings ☆ Angelica Hopes  and family ♥

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