Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul

Carry an undying leaf of patience and live with a leap of hope. Carry your leaf of hope in any changing weather and season. ~Angelica Hopes

Spirit of Hope

Everyone of us has it! For we know that until there’s life, there’s hope.

Spirit of Hope? Anyone?

Cheers and congratulations to those who has always that spirit. Insisting alarm bells and fire truck sirens very much needed to those who have lost it!

How can I have one that can never be lost? Have faith in yourself and face whatever is in front of you and make the most of it, get the best from it and take with you what is most useful in your journey.

Which journey? You must have a definitive journey of destiny. The direction you once wished, then wanted and you well know that you needed to travel.

What kind of travel? It could be long or short and winding but you have to be sure if that is where you really wwanted to go, needed to go, fulfilling your depth of joy?

Will I be alone? Will I be there with someone whom I keep in my heart as the one I love?

Of course!

What if he or she changes his or her mind?

What then?

Do you still want or need to pursue such journey you have in mind?

“Of course!”

Then, what are you waiting for? Keep that spirit of hope in your heart, untarnished, untainted, undying.

Take that road, even if it is winding, tiring, confusing, hard cobbled and uphill then downhill.

What if no one is waiting for me at the end of the road?

That’s not yet the end, that’s the fork of the road!

The spirit of hope shall guide you and lead you which way to go.

Which way to go?

That depends on how strong and convinced you are of what you really wanted and needed in life.

If it was just a “Peter Pan” life then that is your choice.

If it shall be “forever after”  life that your heart needs then go for it!

Yet, remember, as you “go for IT,” you have to know who is a Peter Pan of this world and who isn’t.

And how can I do it?

With the spirit of hope, be brave to dare and ask frankly and directly to the point, “Are we heading on the same journey in life?”

If yes?  Then I’d say you both found the end of the road which is just a promising beginning of a future together as you tread on the odyssey you have jointly taken.

If no? Then I’d say, with the spirit of hope… trust what your mind, what your heart and what your soul hopes for shall be fulfilled one day. IT may not be now. IT may be soon. IT may be later. But the spirit of hope tells you strongly, “IT can never be never!”

Spirit of Hope, first published in the book, “Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul”

an excerpt from the book:  Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul © 2014 Angelica Hopes

Take care,

One thought on “Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul

  1. Special message for my dear Analyn, when I wrote this “Spirit of Hope” I was devastated and hurt but turned on optimism and vowed for a much better future. I turned away from the path of negative broken-heart hurt-feelings but instead I embraced the fact that my heart and soul are enlightened for a fresh beginning, so what I did was forwards and onwards I go in life until the “Right True Love One” came and now I’m grateful I never lost the spirit of hope. best regards, Nene.

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