Time, Patience, Hope

There was a “time,”now is the “time.”

Tomorrow there will be “time.”

In a goal where my heart beats mean:

Home, love and happiness.

Meanwhile we are aware that:

Father Time waits for nobody.

Exactly why most of us had to do now

what we earnestly wish, want or need.


Perhaps we may beat

the call of time and waiting.

Aglow from our hearts must be

a long, understanding, patience.

Trust plays a major part

to strengthen the bond.

In various adversities

coming our way unexpectedly.

Endure the temporal pain

as pleasure waits as our gain.

Newness of the day

bring unique unfolding remembrance

Caring, loving heart tends to cherish,

Pick the golden past brightening today.

Encompassing, undying hope,

The sight of an optimistic soul.


How far nor near,

How neither feasible nor impossible.

Overflows with inspiration,

yet trials hammer some tears.

Plateau of moods and mix emotions,

Light after dark, smile after cry.

Elevating one’s mind, heart and soul

to the flow of TIME

to the call of PATIENCE

to the beats of HOPE.

Time, Patience, Hope, an excerpt from my postry book, Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul

Rhythm of a Heart Music of a Soul book cover

 © AngelicaHopes.com Michael Anna Maria van Doorn Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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