Wings of a Hopeful Angel and A Run Away Flying Heart Robber

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~ Jesse Jackson ~
Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~ Jesse Jackson ~

Mini – Duet Ballad between:

 A Lady on the grounds and a gentleman on the skies.

 The lady’s lines are in italics.

 The gentleman’s replies are in normal fonts.

Her query:

Have you heard of a “runaway flying heart robber?” 

His reply:

Wings of a Hopeful Angel

Don’t you know?
I tagged you: ‘My runaway flying heart robber?’
For you’ve robbed me suddenly
Of a heart I just decided to open up.

Hi, I didn’t mean to rob ‘it.’
Indeed I have become: ‘a runaway flying heart robber!’
As I hope you don’t mind
I’m flying with wings of a hopeful angel!

Don’t you know?
How you robbed ‘it’ so swiftly?
Like an eagle’s plight,
In a speed of light!

Hi, did I really rob it so fast?
As I flew away, you  took mine in a flash.
Of my thoughts flying back
In the wings of that hopeful heart.

Don’t you know?
My ‘runaway flying heart robber, when you took ‘it’?
I didn’t worry because
I know ‘it’ would be safe wherever you fly.

Hi, thank you for sensing
That “it” can be safe where I would fly
No worries indeed…
I’ll take care of such hopeful heart.


Don’t you know?
Why I can’t cast you off my mind?
For I miss such heart
You run and fly away with!

Hi, so it wasn’t only me,
Bugged by thoughts,
Of why you’re with me
And missed to ask you so.

Don’t you know?
My ‘runaway flying heart robber’
One day you’ll be caught
As you’ve got to give ‘it’ back to me.

Hi, so when do you think is that day?
That I’ll be caught?
You think I’ll give “it” back to you?
But in one condition: Will mine be part of “it” too?’

Don’t you know that I know…

You could be really a runaway flying heart robber!

Of ladies you meet and left impressing mark

In your flying fast changing open world of opportunities.

Hi, I’m often mistaken as that!

Because of the nature of my global moving tasks.

Yet you think I’d really rob your heart?

Unless yours can truly last as a loyal trustworthy loving heart?


Don’t you know yet?

For you’ve just known me…

Yet something in my life could make you think twice

For I come with a bundle of joys and challenges in life.


Hi, I know of your bundle of joys.

I sense your challenges in life!

Yet you think, are you ready to let your heart love again?

Even for a runaway flying heart robber?


Don’t you know?

You’ve robbed my heart in a wink of an eye,

Yet something in me, made me shyly step backwards…

Prudence, care, gradual discovery, risk, fun, I’m ready to fly and run!

Hi, so you’d take the run of love – risk?

Yet are you ready to fly with unclouded doubt and acceptance?

In the wings of my life span? In the altitude of my work demands?

Variable, far distance calling, drifting visibility of constant wandering.


Don’t you know? That I accept and sense

Your mobility takes you to various open doors.

Your flights take you to beautiful chances,

Of meeting interesting people you’ll grow with your life’s flow.

Hi, I’m so glad you see and accept that!

For that’s a challenge for a trusting good heart.

I perceived that in you right from the start

But I don’t want to rob nor hurt you along with my flying heart charts.


Don’t you know? I’m taking this once in a life time chance.

To get to know well a runaway flying heart robber.

Come what may but my heart won’t be astray,

For my heart sings for: a melody of a true dove-swan way.

Hi, I could sense that too…

Yet I have a life of risk and mobility.

Let’s see how this runaway flying heart robber flies

In the wings of your hopeful trusting angel’s heart?

Have You Heard of a Runaway Flying Heart Robber? Wings of a Hopeful Angel

from the book Rhythm of a Heart, Music of a Soul © 2008, 2014  Angelica Hopes

Paragliding at Cardada,
Paragliding at Cardada, Switzerland

One thought on “Wings of a Hopeful Angel and A Run Away Flying Heart Robber

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    best regards,

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