Injuries of every day life

“The best memory is that which forgets nothing, but injuries.

Write injuries in the dust.

Write kindness in marble.” ~ Persian Proverb ~

How do we deal with painful injuries we encounter daily?

If you were the victim, how would you react?

If you’re the oppressor and offender do you realize your own actions?

How would you treat the people who have always been doing various offenses on you since childhood days to adulthood?

When you receive a help, a donation or a favour, never forget to be grateful and thankful for the ones who have been there for you.

Learn to respect the space of people whose hearts have been treated like a doormat but they have answered more important priorities which all contribute towards the best of the welfare of the recipients of their generous and humble commitment among their choices and decisions for whom and with whom to reach out for.

Don’t mistake keen, honest observations as complaints.

Not all generous hearts are gullible enough to be screwed by cold, calculating, business propaganda.
A person who has an eye for what is right and the truth will immediately spot the cunning ways of a selfish “user and hungry grabber” who took initiative to grab the originality from other people they tried to profile, fake befriended and extracted favours.

Raise your heart with patience, humility and respect.
Elevate your soul with honesty, love and joy.
Take care.


Author of the books:

Photography: A. van Doorn, Scheveningen & marble kitchen sink

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